Marta Hidalgo

Renowned Cake Artist

When I was a cartoonist creating  layouts and storyboards, I never thought I would end up being a cake artist. But, the minute I laid my hands on modeling chocolate something inside of me awakened. I was passionate about modeling when I was studying Fine Arts, and that is  actually the same thing I'm doing right now but with edible materials. I think my academic formation in drawing and art in general is reflected in my creations.  My passion for modeling pushes me to learn and improve as a cake artist. I started my career in may 2016 joining all kind of sugar collaborations in order to improve my cake decorating skills. After one year I was asked to teach all over the world, some of the countries where I have been imparting my knowledge are: USA, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Portugal, Australia, UK, Turkey, China, Nederland, Germany, Spain, Switzerlan, India, Puerto Rico. My work have been recognised with some awards: Cake Artist of the Year Award Cake Masters Magazine 2019, Sculpted Cake Award Cake Masters Magazine 2018, First prize and gold in Collaboration Australia 2017, Silver prize in Cake international 2017. And my creations have been featured in prestigious magazine as Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decorating, Daily Mail.. I love what I do and my wish for the future is keep learning and teaching my passion for modeling and cake decorating.