Advance your skills in classic pastry techniques.

Designed by pastry professionals, Baking & Pastry Fundamentals covers a comprehensive curriculum of baking techniques, principals, theories and of course, serious kitchen skills. Our diverse program consists of 10 different classes categorized into two certificate series—Pastry Essentials and Cake Baking Essentials—each containing 5 individual class topics for completion. Gain the foundational skills that all good pastry chefs rely on to create delicious, perfectly baked sweets and master the key techniques to take their baking to the next level.


Built for baking enthusiasts who want a deep dive into specific areas of study, or a thorough background for kitchen success, students can sign up for individual classes or a full 5-class series to become NY Cake Certified! Sign up today to get a head start on your New Year’s Baking Resolutions!




Pastry Essentials

Build your toolkit of must-know pastry techniques through our Pastry Essentials Certificate series. You’ll learn a variety of pastry-related skills and critical kitchen knowledge to master sweet staples like cookies, pies, tarts, éclairs, puff pastry, and quick breads. With techniques to create & shape doughs, make classing fillings, and put the perfect finishes on your delicious treats, you’ll have the tools to make all of your favorites from start to finish! Take all five classes to receive your Pastry Essentials Certificate, or study à la carte to hone specific areas of interest.


Family of Cookies
Working with Crusts
Èclairs Dissected
Science of Lamination
Leavening in Baking


Cake Baking Essentials

Before you can decorate, you must bake! Our Cake Baking Essentials Certificate series will provide you with the tools and techniques to ensure your cakes not only look great, but taste delicious too! You’ll understand the nuances of cake baking, learn to make classic frosting & fillings, and master the basics of cake layer assembly. We’ll cover everything from cupcakes and classic layer cakes to mousse cakes, using chocolate and cakes for specialty diets. Take all five classes to receive your Cake Baking Essentials Certificate, or study à la carte to hone specific areas of interest.


Classic Cupcakes
The Layer Cake
Mousse Cake Construction
Chocolate in Cakes
Specialty Diet Cakes


SAVE $250 on your certificate when you sign up for all 5 classes within the Pastry Essentials or Cake Baking Essentials series.



Study in-person or at home with live virtual classes!

Bring the NY Cake Academy experience to you, anywhere that you have access to a kitchen! For the first time, we’re pleased to offer students the opportunity to receive their certificate by completing 20 hours of in-person studies at our Manhattan Flagship store, or online through our new live virtual studies. Our live virtual classes bring the same expert level instruction and comprehensive curriculum as our in-person offerings directly to you in the comfort of your home kitchen. Taught by the same instructors, your lesson plan will be delivered in the same amount of time as it would for our in-person classes, but allows more flexibility for participation from students who would normally have to travel to the store.


While the content of the class will be identical in both offerings, the learning environments will naturally be different for students studying in-person versus online. It is recommended that students select a learning style for the duration of their classes to provide consistency and minimize disruptions to the experience.

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Don't forget your tools!

In-person students are required to purchase a Baking & Pastry Fundamentals Toolkit* ($160) prior to the start of their first class. This one-time purchase can be used for any and all of the 10 certificate classes within the Baking & Pastry Fundamentals series. When signing up for your first class, please select the Class with Toolkit option upon checkout. If you are registering for a full 5-class series, or simply multiple classes, you only need to select this option once. If you’ve already purchased this toolkit, please select the class only option when registering.

While it is not required for live virtual students, we highly recommend students studying at home purchase the toolkit to create a consistent learning experience.


Toolkits purchased for in-person classes will be available for pick up in store prior to the start of class. Tools will not be provided in class, so please be sure to bring your toolkit to each class. For live virtual classes, toolkits can be shipped within the continental U.S. directly to your home.

How to get NY Cake Certified

We’re offering not one, but TWO certificates through Baking & Pastry Fundamentals, the Pastry Essentials Certificate and Cake Baking Essentials Certificate. Students must successfully complete all five courses, a total of 20 hours, for a single certificate series—Pastry Essentials or Cake Baking Essentials—within one year of their first course to receive their certificate. If you missed one of the required courses to complete your certificate, do not worry. The full set of courses will be scheduled several times throughout the year to provide students with the opportunity to complete their certificates before the end of the year. Our next session will be scheduled for Spring 2021, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when registration opens!


For students who aren’t ready to dive into the full certificate experience, you may elect to take class à la carte and sign up for just one class at a time.

Course Requirements & Policies


Students do not need prior baking experience to attend these classes. Our curriculum is designed to teach you the fundamental techniques and skills needed to succeed in the kitchen. You’ll learn to make everything from start to finish, and you’ll get to take home everything you make, whether it’s baked & finished or as completed batters & doughs for future baking.



Classes must be paid in full upon registration. Credit card payments can be made via our website.


Cancellation Policy

NY Cake Academy classes are not eligible for refunds, however classes are transferable. Students may reschedule their class to an alternative date or time up to 7 days prior to the class date for in-person classes, or 14-days prior for live virtual classes. Students may also choose to give their place in class to another student. Please let us know in advance so we can request the appropriate paperwork. In this case, class time may not be split up between multiple students. The same student will be enrolled in all days of a multi-session class. All deposits & fees are forfeited for no shows. We do not provide make-up classes.

NY Cake Academy reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment up to 48 hours before the class date. We reserve the right to change class schedules. If for any reason NY Cake Academy should cancel a class, a full refund will be offered to the student. However, NY Cake Academy does not accept responsibility for any other expenses incurred such as hotel or airline cancellation penalties.



All first-time students studying in-person are required to purchase a Baking & Pastry Fundamentals toolkit ($160). We recommend live virtual students also purchase the toolkit. Once you’ve purchased the toolkit, you can use it in any of the 10 Baking & Pastry Fundamentals classes. 



We encourage students to take pictures during class and to share on social media tagging @nycakeacademy using #nycakecertified. However, we do not allow video or voice recording. We also ask that you refrain from sharing class materials or step-by-step pictures. Please silence cell phones while in class and excuse yourself to the store area if you need to make or take a call. NY Cake Academy employees may photograph the class for future promotions, or for use on our social media channels. Please let us know if you would prefer not to be photographed. 

Live Virtual Classes

At-Home Preparation

Students must prepare in advance of their live virtual class by having all ingredients, tools and equipment in place PRIOR to the start of class. We recommend that students measure out all items in advance as the pace of class will move quickly. Students will receive an email two weeks prior to the start of their live virtual class with the link to join, handbook, recipes, tool/equipment list and ingredient shopping list. For this reason, tuition is non-refundable after this point. 


Tardiness Policy

These comprehensive classes are taught within a rigorous 4-hour timeline. Classes will begin on timeplease be sure to allow enough time to log on and prepare prior to the start of the class. We will not permit late entry to tardy students that miss 25% of any class. Classes occasionally run over time—please let the instructor know if you need to sign off early or immediately at the end of class so they can plan for it. 


In-Person Classes

For in-person classes, each student will be asked to attend a 15 minute orientation with their instructor PRIOR to the start of their first class. This orientation will help students become acquainted with the kitchen and review safety & sanitation protocols to provide a comfortable learning experience. Instructors will be holding the same lecture just before the start of each class (if class is at 5pm, orientation begins at 4:45pm). After completing your orientation, you will be ready to take future Baking & Pastry Fundamentals classes without the need to participate in an orientation again.


Tardiness Policy

These comprehensive classes are taught within a rigorous 4-hour timeline. Classes will begin on timeplease be sure to allow enough time to arrive and prepare prior to the start of the class. We will not permit late entry to tardy students that miss 25% of any class. Classes occasionally run over time—please let the instructor know if you need to leave early or immediately at the end of class so they can plan for it. 


Attire Policy

This is a commercial facility. We kindly ask that you follow our Health and Safety Certification standards required by law. Students attending in-person classes will need to:

  • Wear closed toe shoes (flip-flops and other sandals are not permitted)

  • Wear NY cake apron (included in toolkit)

  • Tie back long hair

  • Ensure that no bare skin is exposed below the waist (no shorts, skirts, or going sockless)

In addition, students studying in-person need to follow all COVID safety precautions including:

  • Must wear a face mask at all times within the NY Cake Store and in the Academy kitchen.

  • Maintain social distance from anyone not within your household. For this reason, in-person classes are limited to a max of 10 students. Students will have their own table & workstation to safely maintain 6-feet of distance from other attendees.

  • If you feel sick, stay home!

  • Wash hands with soap & water thoroughly and frequently.


NY Cake Academy reserves the right to change these policies without notice. By registering for a class you agree to these Class Policies and Regulations.